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VDA Smart City Mission for Varanasi An Insight

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VDA Smart City Mission for Varanasi An Insight

The Varanasi Development Authority (VDA) has embarked on a mission to transform Varanasi into a Smart City. The Smart City Mission is a comprehensive program aimed at enhancing the quality of life of the residents of Varanasi while efficiently managing the city’s resources and infrastructure.

The Smart City Mission

The Smart City Mission is based on three core elements, namely Smart Governance, Smart Infrastructure, and Smart People. Smart Governance includes the implementation of technology-driven solutions for efficient management of resources, citizen participation, and transparency in governance.

VDA Smart City Mission for Varanasi An Insight

World-class Infrastructure is the backbone of a Smart City. Through the Smart City Mission, VDA is intending to improve the infrastructure in Varanasi to meet global standards. Under Smart Infrastructure, VDA has planned to provide 24×7 water supply and sewage treatment facilities, efficient waste management system, and intelligent transport systems.

Innovation and entrepreneurship

The Smart People element of the mission aims to empower citizens by increasing their participation in decision-making processes and promoting innovation and entrepreneurship. The Smart City Mission will facilitate the creation of an ecosystem for startups, a platform for skills development, and promote tourism opportunities.

To realize the Smart City Mission, VDA is focusing on implementing new-age technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI). These technologies will enable predictive maintenance for infrastructure, real-time monitoring of traffic, and data-driven policy reforms to improve governance. VDA Smart City Mission for Varanasi An Insight

Project by 2023

The Smart City Mission is a flagship program of the Central Government’s Smart Cities Mission. Under this mission, Varanasi is one of the 100 cities selected for a complete transformation into a Smart City. The central government has committed to provide ₹ 1,186 crores, and the State Government would contribute ₹ 1,000 crores over five years for the successful implementation of the Smart City Mission. The VDA aims to complete the project by 2023. VDA Smart City Mission for Varanasi An Insight

The transformation of Varanasi into a Smart City will have a significant impact on the economy, environment, and overall quality of life of its residents. The Smart City Mission would also attract investments, foster innovation, and promote sustainable development. The successful implementation of the Smart City Mission for Varanasi would serve as a model for other cities in India to emulate.

VDA Smart City Mission for Varanasi An Insight

VDA Smart City Mission for Varanasi An Insight Varanasi Daily News
VDA Smart City Mission for Varanasi An Insight

Varanasi Development Authority

In conclusion, the Varanasi Development Authority’s mission to transform the city into a Smart City is a visionary initiative that would revolutionize the city’s infrastructure, governance, and economy. The Smart City Mission’s successful implementation would set an unprecedented benchmark for urban development in India and would go a long way in shaping India’s cities of the future.

VDA Smart City Mission for Varanasi An Insight

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VDA Smart City Mission for Varanasi An Insight

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