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Dharmendra Life Information: Many tales associated to Bollywood’s ‘Heman’ Dharmendra are well-known even at this time. At the moment we’re going to let you know one such well-known story associated to the actor. If media experiences are to be believed, this story occurred in the course of the capturing of the movie ‘Chand Aur Taare’. Allow us to let you know that Dharmendra and actress Tanuja had been working collectively within the movie ‘Chand Aur Taare’. It’s mentioned that the place Tanuja was very disciplined, Dharmendra typically used to joke with everybody. This banter turned an issue for Dharmendra on the units of the movie ‘Chand Aur Taare’.

the joke turned heavy
If experiences are to be believed, on the units of the movie ‘Chand Aur Taare’, Dharmendra jokingly considered flirting with actress Tanuja and this turned an issue for him. Really Tanuja was an excellent pal of the actor’s spouse Prakash Kaur. Prakash typically used to come back together with her kids on the units of the movie ‘Chand Aur Taare’ and through this she used to have plenty of dialog with Tanuja. In response to media experiences, as quickly as Dharmendra jokingly flirted with Tanuja, the actress bought enraged and she or he slapped Dharmendra instantly.

tanuja advised the reality
Tanuja had advised Dharmendra that, ‘You aren’t ashamed! I’m your spouse’s pal and you might be flirting with me’. It’s mentioned that Dharmendra was very embarrassed after this incident and he instantly apologized to the actress and began requesting her to make him his brother. In response to the media experiences, Tanuja, who was very indignant with Dharmendra, didn’t take heed to the actor to start with, however as time handed, the whole lot turned regular between Tanuja and Dharmendra. Tanuja additionally tied Rakhi to Dharmendra and says that even at this time each of them share an excellent bonding with one another.

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