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Love should be immortal and the film should be entertaining, you will understand this here

New Movies on #5: To cover the distance of two steps, if someone has to travel 1100 km, then understand that the matter is filmy. But if the journey is beautiful and interesting, then this distance does not matter for the sake of love. The journey that the 114-minute long Atithi Bhooto Bhava takes you on proves to be entertaining. In this Bollywood romantic comedy, you will find newness as well as old colors. Two different phases mix in this story, different colors of love are seen in it. The biggest thing is that this film has a really simple story, which has to be found in Bollywood films here. Released today on #5, this film looks like a romantic-comedy after a long time, which creates feelings of love and also makes you laugh. It is totally a family entertainer.

beautiful climax
It is not necessary only to love. Showing love should also come. Atithi Bhooto Bhava teaches this lesson. The film’s Mumbai hero, stand-up comedian Shrikant Shirodkar (Pratik Gandhi) has been in a live-in with air hostess Sucharita (Sharmin Sehgal) for four years. He loves Sucharita but makes jokes about his romantic life. One day a friendly ghost, Makhan Singh (Jackie Shroff), comes into Srikkanth’s life amid the tussle between the two. Makhan and Srikanth have an old connection. In his previous birth, Shrikant was Makhan Singh’s grandfather. An innocent love story of Malkhan of the same birth comes to the fore through flashbacks. What is the connection of this story with Srikkanth, why Malkhan Singh became a ghost, what does Malkhan want from Srikant, and what will happen to the result of Srikant-Sucharita’s love story, the story goes ahead and answers these questions. The climax of the film is very beautiful and heart touching. After a long time, such a climax of a love story has been seen on the screen. You will remember this.

new and old beats
In Atithi Bhooto Bhava, you get all the things that are missing from Bollywood films here. Good story-screening, balanced-spontaneous dialogue, sensitive direction, smooth acting by the actors. Also a mix of traditional and modern-day beats. Here the old age does not hold back and the pace of the new age does not force the viewer to push himself forward. Jackie Shroff is in form after a long time. The director has not given him a ‘Bhidu’ type timepass role. Prateek Gandhi and Sharmin Segal have played their characters well. In some scenes, Prateek’s limitations are seen, but Sharmeen’s acting has Ravani. It was not an attempt by the writer-director to bring the character of Deveena Thakur to the end. There was definitely some scope in it.

Atithi Bhooto Bhava | Official Trailer – HD | A ZEE5 Original Film | Premieres 23rd Sep on ZEE5

love must be immortal
The film shows different shades of love. Makhan Singh says that love should be immortal. Perhaps that is why he does not get salvation even after dying and he hangs upside down on a tree in Mumbai till he meets Srikanth. Prabhjot Singh, who plays Makhan Singh i.e. Jackie Shroff’s teenager, attracts attention. There is an innocence of love in his character. Hardik Gajjar, who brought the film Bhavai with Prateek Gandhi last year, has kept this film from beginning to end. He beautifully connects the story of Shrikant-Sucharita with Malkhan’s life and its focus keeps changing from time to time. Due to which the story does not stay on a track and this is the fun of the film. The music of the film is fine. Editing could have tightened the film a little more because at times its pace slows down a bit. Despite this, Atithi Bhooto Bhava is such a film, which can be enjoyed with family and friends.

Director: Hardik Gajjari
Stars: Prateek Gandhi, Jackie Shroff, Sharmin Sehgal, Divina Thakur, Prabhjot Singh
Rating ***1/2

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